Sunday, May 7, 2017

Quick and easy upcycled chalkboard and free printable

I always love before and after photos of projects and silly me.... I didn't take the before!  I had actually planned on painting this chalkboard frame white (I took out the chalkboard part on the lower half), but then I thought I would leave it as is... at least for now ;)

Truth is, with looking after my grand daughter on the weekends, I don't have a lot of time to do my crafting, so I decided to go the quick and easy route for now.

In the top part of the frame there was a little poster of a horse and it read STABLE.... not quite suitable for the look I am going for.  So I changed it out for this saying... it is a FREE printable... can't beat that!  For the printable.... go check out this fabulous blog... Mountain View Cottage.  

I then replaced the chalkboard with some chicken wire.  I will be clipping some of my favorite photos and will switch them out with the seasons.  

Check out that cool crate in the photo... for some reason I just LOVE it ;) 

And yes, there are bits an pieces of my grand daughter's stuff throughout the house... Makes my heart happy - when it's in it's place.... most of the time - it just looks like a tornado went through! LOL

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