Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday's Tip

Wondering... do you get pedicures done?  Do you go to a salon or do you do them yourself?

If you are on a budget did you know you can give yourself amazing pedicures at home?  Jamberry has come out with a fabulous new Pedicure pack and I tried it for the first time yesterday.... my feet feel amazing!

Side note here... that bag, the one that the lotions and soak come in... it not only looks chic... it feels so expensive :)  so soft and supple like a soft leather.

I moisturize my feet every night (actually apply lotion and some essential oils... which allow me to have amazingly great sleep!), so my feet are not really that rough, but I used the NEW Stainless Steel Pedicure File and it is amazing how much skin came off....  

Specifically made to assist you in the perfect pedicure, our double sided Stainless Steel Pedicure File gently files away rough, dry skin and leaves your feet looking soft and smooth.
Next up, should you decide to do your own manis and pedis this tool, The Cuticle Groomer... will become one of your favorite tools.  Scrape away invisible cuticle, clean under and around nails with ease.  Definitely recommend this!

This dual-ended Metal Cuticle Groomer gently removes excess and invisible cuticles to achieve salon-style manicures in minutes.

Finally, I mentioned that I use a lotion on my feet every night.  I used to use our Nourish lotion but now I am using the NEW Soothe.  

'Soothe' is packed with ingredients to moisturize and protect your skin including Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and Argan oil. Peppermint works to cool and relax tired feet, leaving them feeling fresh, hydrated and energized.

Now here is my tip... if you have made it this far :)  

Having gorgeous, soft feet can be expensive if you have to go to the salon all of the time.  I love that with these products I can give myself a a salon quality pedicure anytime I want AND I don't always change the color of my lacquer... sometimes I just want the pampering!

What about you?  Wouldn't you love to have soft beautiful feet all of the time?

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