Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas House Tour 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to my Christmas home.  The front entry is a work in progress... still have a few things to dig out, but here we go.  I hope to paint some skis... and stick them out here :)

I LOVE the Sleigh Ride sign I created this year from some reclaimed wood.  The sleigh was given to me from a friend of mine.  It was a mustard yellow, I just painted it red.  My paint is Country Chic Chalk Paint, love it, great coverage!  The stencils are from Funky Junk Interiors

I also upcycled a wooden create that I have had kicking around.  I love how it turned out.

Now we are inside and I am starting with my Santa collection.  My ever growing Santa collection.  I love Santa.  I got these mugs last year.  

The little guy on the bike was one of my hubby's grandma's decorations.  I just love him.  this year, I upcycled my scrabble game to create a couple decorations.  More of the Country Chic Chalk Paint.  Also I picked up that little truck a couple years ago, thought it was cute.

More of my hand made items. The sign was from a block of reclaimed wood.  And loving my Scentsy Santa.

A couple of vintage Santas I picked up.  the tall one, I just got a couple of weeks ago.

My Christmas mantle.

And here is my Reindeer Food container that I created a few weeks ago... an old chocolate box that I upcycled :)  I used s Silhouette cut file as a stencil.

Not much to say here, still debating if I am going to paint the horn white or not.
I love the card peeking in behind.  I created that with my oldest daughter when she was 2.  She had the biggest hands then!  Another upcycled box that I made.

The lovely dolls are all that we have left of our five.  The other 2 are not in the best shape.  Some of our family thinks they are creepy.  They were made by Jason's grandma and I love them.  She began with a glass bottle and then went to work with paper mache, crochet... you name it.  Very special.

Had to sneak in a photo of the Antique Signs I created from some reclaimed wood.

And pillows.  The sweater pillow was just that... a thrift store sweater that I cut up and used to create a pillow cover.

To think that I never used to like red... now I love it as a touch of color for Christmas. 

My mom just gave me these for my birthday this year.  Love them!  The other side says naughty, but we all know that is not true ;)

I painted this chair about 15 years ago!  One of my favorite Christmas decorations.  In hindsight, I wish I would have done it a different color, but it is what it is. 

Into the kitchen now.  I have collected these tins for awhile.

More hand made goodies.  I created the sign this year (more details here) but the 'crate' was done several years ago, once again upcycling an old crate.

Here is the upcycled tray that I created a couple of weeks ago (the post was here)... using a Silhouette cut file as a stencil. 

Some of the various sleighs that have made their way to my house.  Three of them were painted by my youngest daughter.  My oldest did some terra cotta pots one year when she was about 5.  We gave most away as gifts but I still have one.

Another thing I painted about 15 years ago... guess dark blue was my color then ;)

I spray painted some thrift store ceramic houses.  Will most likely add a bit of glitter to them.

Heading into the main bathroom.  I created the joy block several years ago from a reclaimed wooden block.

That is almost everything... did you notice no tree?  Haven't gotten it up yet.  Hopefully today :)  But I must get my report cards done first.