Monday, October 17, 2016 it affects nail health and some solutions.

Stress... it does a body good harm. In today's society there are so many stressors on our everyday life, not to mention illness or infection.

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 Nothing good comes from stress and it can show itself in many ways.  Everything from ongoing colds, stiff sore muscles, upset stomach and even our nails show visible signs of stress.

Some people, when under stress,  tend to nibble and pick at their nails and cuticles which of course causes damage but stress itself can cause brittle nails and sometimes even horizontal grooves called Beau's lines (there is a temporary cessation of cell division in the nail matrix).   When you are emotionally or physically strained, the body shifts energy away from the nails cells to higher priorities.  These will eventually grow out and healthy nails are once again possible.  The lines are simply evidence that the body had a problem.  The healthy nail is growing at the cuticle behind the Beau’s lines. As the healthy nail continues to grow, the lines will grow out and will eventually be filed off.  

Keep reading for some information on what dietary changes you can make for strong, healthy nails.

In the meantime, of course covering them up with some Jamberry wraps is a great way to camouflage these grooves and with over 300 trendy designs to choose from there is something for everyone!

Now, a protein-rich diet (meat, fish, eggs, dairy) is important for strong nails.  Our nails are made of protein so it makes sense that to have healthy nails we need to incorporate adequate protein in our diets.  Along with that, you can also improve nails by eating omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins, both found in salmon, avocado and nuts (a little handful goes a long way).  The Jamberry Beauty Boost multi vitamin is enriched with biotin, a B vitamin that helps to strengthen brittle nails.

Finally, to prevent peeling and flaking rubbing cuticle oil on cuticles at night will create a protective moisturizing shield.

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