Thursday, August 25, 2016

You should go...

This past weekend, my hubby and I went on a 4 day anniversary getaway to Quadra Island BC.  We have done a lot of camping over the years, but this was our first time on Quadra.  We will definitely be going back!

Such a beautiful, relaxing place.  We walked beaches, trails and had a delicious dinner at the Tsa Kwa Luten lodge - HIGHLY recommend this place! 

We had our anniversary dinner at the Tsa Kwa Luten lodge, and talk about fresh seafood!  YUM

My appetizer:

And my dinner... Fettucine Alfredo - FRESH seafood and homemade noodles.... Delicious! 

And of course... having a view like this while eating is pretty nice :)

We stayed at the Heriot Bay Inn RV Resort... although a little cramped on the waterfront, we were lucky to have a couple days pretty much to ourselves during the week.

Of course, being able to purchase fresh shrimp from the dock beside our campsite, may well have been the highlight of hubby's trip... he still chats about how delicious they were ;)

I enjoyed sitting outside in the morning listening to the seagulls while sipping my tea.  Nothing better!

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