Saturday, August 6, 2016

Upcycled Thrift Store Tray Makeover

I used to craft a lot...
... yes a lot

Life happens
and things change.

I hardly have the time or mojo for crafting.
But every once in awhile... I get down in my space
and I love it!

As I have stated before, I love thrifting.
I had an old wooden tray (I have a thing for wooden trays :) )
I didn't take a before picture, but it was painted a mustard color.
I painted it white - my go to color.

It was nice, but needed a bit of oomph.
I dug out some craft supplies and in 10 minutes my tray was complete.

First thing I did was cut some two sided tape (Crafty Power Tape)
to fit the opening of the handle.
When cutting adhesives, the little non stick micro scissors from CTMH work very well.

I then just adhered the tape to the underside of the handle.  
It is just there to hold the twine in place while I wrap.  
By making it the length of the underside it just makes it that much more secure.

Just a little tidbit for you:  DON'T let you kitten play with your twine ;)
The majority of my crafting time was spent untangling a piece long enough for my craft! LOL!

I then just started the twine on the underside...

...and wrapped away. 
To secure the end when I was done, I just used a DODz dot
Easy peesy!

A super easy and inexpensive home decor piece.
I love the shells and coral ... my daughter knows me well,
she brought those home for me from her Dominican trip :)

Note this is not my original idea...
I got the idea from Pinterest :)
The original blog post is here

Products used:
Scissors: Fiskars; CTMH


  1. Looks great, Laurel! Happy to see you again, even for a brief minute. :) Hope all is going well.