Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why I add turmeric to my lemon water...

When I first started this blog I posted about my daily drink that included lemon, turmeric and other goodies... you can see that post here.

Now, I still do it and I still swear by it.  I have just altered it a smidge, I have since found out that black pepper helps turmeric be absorbed as does oil.  So I add a bit of ground black pepper, apple cider vinegar and some coconut oil.  Sounds delicious doesn't it?  Well I'm not telling you it is.  I gulp it... drinking it as fast as I can as it is not exactly tasty... but it isn't that bad either.

Do you want to know how the turmeric and lemon water concoction can help check out this post
Here's what happens to your body when you add turmeric to your morning lemon water

Why do I also add apple cider vinegar?

And like I mentioned, oil helps the turmeric to be absorbed so I decided on coconut oil because:

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