Monday, August 8, 2016

Simple Tricks to Help Your Nails Grow

Having pretty nails can really go a long way to make you feel amazing.
Trust me on this one.
I grew up a nail biter with terrible nails that I never took care of.
Of course that is all in the past since I discovered Jamberry!

Anyhow back to the tips I have for you today.
1) Keep your cuticles moisturized

As you know, your nail is not 'living'.  The living part of  your nail is right beside the nail bed or cuticle.  Massaging cuticle oil into your cuticles regularly (I recommend daily and I have my bottle sitting right at my computer) will over time help to discourage nail splitting.

2) Don't soak your nails
Soaking nails in water (especially if it has any chemicals in it - dish detergent, cleanser, etc) will make them weak.  Weak nails will split, peel and break - trust me - I know from experience :) So if you must do housework, such as washing dishes, just be sure to protect your hands and nails by using gloves.

3) Don't use your nails as tools
I know, we all do it... yes I do too!  You know, opening a can, scraping something that is stuck on the floor... what other ways have you used your nails?  Let's just get into the habit of not doing it. K? Your nails, like your hair, are not meant to take abuse and will most likely break.

4) Use glass nail files
Glass files, also known as crystal files, regardless of how they are used, seal the keratin layers together at the edge of the nail, preventing peeling and chipping.

Read this article for more reasons why you need these: 

5) Wear protective coats
Use a nail strengthener (the Jamberry Nail Strengthener is amazing!)  

Or even a base coat of some sort.  It doesn't change the make up of your nail but gives and added coat of protection.  Jamberry Nail wraps not only look pretty, they last and they are added protection for your nails.  Have you ever grated your nails I mean cheese but accidentally nicked your nail?  I just did this the other day - my nail was fine!

For more information on how to help to care for your nails, check out this video by nail care expert Doug Shoon.

Interested in any of these products?  Contact me or check out my website in the sidebar!

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