Thursday, August 11, 2016

Imagine an old country road...

Think for a moment about walking down and old country road just enjoying the simple things in life.

What images pop into your mind?

Me... I think of denim, especially faded worn denim, wild flowers swaying gently in the breeze and birds chirping softly in the background.  Or... in the case of my childhood - roosters crowing :)

Well this month's Sister Style Exclusive - Perennial Blue brings those images to mind so of course I can't wait to do my new manicure with it.... there is just one problem

Yes... definitely a #jamgirlproblem :)

Check out the new Sister Style Exclusive Perennial Blue - what does it make you think of?

(only available until August 31st!)

Isn't it gorgeous?!  I know I am going to be staring at my nails all day when wearing them!

Now if it isn't gorgeous enough on it's own, check out these beautiful pairings, which one is your favorite?  I just might have to try the first one myself... I do love my pink :)

Now if you would like to order the Perennial Blue wrap do it soon as it is...

...ONLY AVAILABLE until August 31st!

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