Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Helpful tips to prevent nail polish from chipping

Can you relate? 
 I certainly can and it is one reason I grew up not wearing polish
 and is one of the main reasons I fell in love with (and still love) Jamberry wraps! 

However, I do know that some of you do love your polishes so here are some tips for you.

1) Prep your nails
Proper prep is important for any manicure.  Any bumps or ridges can cause your lacquers to chip, so be sure to remove all old lacquer or polish (the Jamberry Wrap and Lacquer Remover is perfect and is acetone free) and give your nails a slight buffing (you don't want to over buff as then you weaken the nail - more information on that here)

2) Wash your hands
Yep, your hands and nails must be clean.  I suggest washing them really well and if you tend to have oily nail beds using some dish detergent does help.  Push your cuticles back, and start with a clean slate.  As a final touch before lacquer application, be sure to give your nail beds a quick swipe with the Jamberry Nail Prep Cleanser it works really well for a 'squeaky clean'.  Now you are ready.

3) Apply a Base Coat
Of course when I used to apply polish... I often skipped this step.  I have little focus and wanted things done quickly.  Wrong!  Be sure to apply a base coat. Applying a base coat is one of the most important steps in getting fabulous, chip-proof nails. It not only helps to prevent polish from staining your nails, but it also adheres to your nails better than regular lacquer, which can help to extend the length of your manicure.  

Once again, the Jamberry Strengthening Base Coat is my go to base coat! It is amazing!

4) Allow your lacquer to dry
I know... this is the tough part isn't it?!

In an ideal world,  you should let your nails dry for at least 2 minutes in between each coat of polish, and if you’re wearing a darker shade, you should wait about 3 minutes.  This is definitely HARD for me to do!  What about you? But it is an important step!

Guess what?  You are in luck!  Jamberry Quick Dry Spray works amazingly well!  A quick spritz, wait about a minute and onto your next coat!  Use it after base coat, color coats and top coat. Seriously, it does work!

5) Apply a Top Coat
A good chip resistant top coat is a game changer and once again, not skipping this step is important for a long lasting shine!  I have found the Jamberry Ultra Shine Top Coat to work very well.

6) Take a cold shower
Wha?!  Kidding, just dip your nails in cold water :) Apparently this works to help set everything and have it all dry faster.

7) Apply a Top Coat daily
Now this was definitely something I did not do but it makes complete sense!  It really does extend the life of your manicure.  This is when I suggest using the Jamberry Quick Dry Top Coat.

There you have it 7 tips for Long Lasting Shine Every Time :)

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Now of course  you know I couldn't leave this here.  If you have NOT tried Jamberry nail wraps... well that is my ultimate tip on a long lasting, non chipping, non peeling manicure.  They go on easily and will last up to 2 weeks!  

Want to give them a try?  Fill out the form below and I would be happy to send you some samples to try!

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