Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Make Cold Brewed Iced Tea

Summer heat getting to you?

I drink a lot of water as it is,
but add summer heat and I can't seem to drink enough.
Of course it is nice to switch it up a bit.
Trouble is,so many 'cool, refreshing drinks' on the market are full of sugar.

Well I discovered homemade Iced Tea.
A nice alternative to water yes, and not loaded with sugar.
And depending on which teas you use, they can be good for children too.

How to Cold Brew Tea
Cold brewing tea is easy.  It is just steeping tea overnight in the refrigerator.  This slow infusion does not cause the tea to taste bitter and still retains all of the antioxidant benefits found in some teas! What is not to love about that!

Now are you ready for how to do this? Super simple...fill an iced tea pitcher with cold (filtered is best and the Norwex water filter is an amazing one!) water.  Add your tea leaves or bags and put in the fridge and steep over night.  I prefer all natural tea leaves rather than store bought bags.  Steeped Tea (an Ethical Tea Partnership) offers a wide range of flavored teas perfect for cold steeping.  I like to use the Rooibos ones as the rooibos teas offer a wide range of health benefits and they are caffeine free, thus great for children too!

Generally when you are cold steeping you will need more tea than if doing a hot steep.  I usually use about 4 tsps in my pitcher but you can experiment and find out which way is best for you.  Some of my favorites for cold steeping (all are from Steeped Tea) are: Strawberries and Cream, Cherry Pie, Raspberry Ripple...) MMM... think I need to pour myself a glass right now.

More delicious Steeped Tea Iced Tea recipes can be found here

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