Monday, August 29, 2016

Delicious recipes for all of those apples!

It's apple picking time.  When I saw this sign on Pinterest today, it made me excited for fall... I have an apple sign that I created... now I guess I better make my way through my storage room   go get mine out.  The cooler weather we have had yesterday and today, really has me yearning for fall.

My mom has a neighbor that has a tree loaded with apples, so loaded in fact one large branch was so heavy that it has broken.  Whenever I see all those apples I think I should go pick a few boxful I hate seeing them go to waste.  When the kids were little I made applesauce, but as first time empty nesters (my youngest left about 2 weeks ago on a year long travel adventure!) I don't need that anymore.  Sooo...  off to Pinterest I went in search of some good apple recipes.  Be sure to click on photos for the recipe.

1)  Pancake Apple Rings. I have made them when we were camping and they are not only easy to do, but quite tasty!    I didn't make the syrup, I just used what we had but the kids and I enjoyed them as a change from pancakes (which I am not really a fan of).

2) Bite Size Apple Pies. My daughter made these one time and once again they were easy to do (I see a theme here ;) ) and a delicious snack.  

3) Fresh Apple Cake. You guessed it... super duper easy and yes it is tasty

Now here are a couple that I have not tried but are definitely on my 'to do' list

5) Caramel Apple Pretzel Salad (at least I can pretend I am being healthy :) )

Don't those all sound yummy?!  So many more recipes I want to try.  Be sure to check out my Apple Pinterest Board for more ideas!

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