Thursday, July 14, 2016

Laundry room organization

I am a teacher.
As a teacher I do enjoy my summers :)

One thing I do every summer is do a deep clean/purge/ organize of our house.
It usually begins in my craft room (and once again it did)

Yesterday I tackled my laundry room.
Yes I even pulled out the washer and dryer
so that I could clean under and behind them.
I love the process of cleaning/purging and organizing,
(of course I love it more when it is done)

I purchased that laundry sign years ago and still love it.
That hanger is a recent purchase from a consignment shop, 
I have a passion for thrifting and decorating my house little by little.

You wouldn't believe how heavy that little iron press is!
My Norwex laundry soap looks so much better in a mason jar than in the bag :)

Those rocks and shells have been collected over time by my youngest daughter
(who is now 18).
Many of these I have found in the bottom of the washing machine :)
They make me smile.
The frames are from garage sales and will be painted one day,
for now they are the original colors.

The ETC box was another garage sale find, I just painted it.
It is perfect for the little things I find in the bottom of my washing machine,
- like money (not the bills... they go into my wallet :) ) 
The hooks are heavy metal ones that I attached to some scrap wood pieces 
that I had painted and distressed.  

The laundry room is still a work in progress.
I have a few ideas that I have pinned on Pinterest that I intend to do.
But for now it is freshly cleaned and waiting the next load of laundry.
Which won't be long!

I do love to organize things.
But what I love even more is being able to do it inexpensively.
I like to pick up garage sale/thrift shop items and repurpose them as storage.
But I came across this and love how the cubes have been used!

I just may have to go buy some of these cubes!

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