Monday, July 18, 2016

Funny what will stir up memories from days past...

Funny, when I saw this ‪#‎goforgold‬ wrap called Wear it Proud (oh and $3.50 from the sale of this wrap goes towards female Olympic athletes!) I really wanted it even though I am Canadian and the colours are kind of American
Wasn't sure why but I had to have it. 

Well we bought a new trailer (pics to come 😊) so of course I had to empty out the old one. 
I came across this picnic blanket that I made 20 years ago. I had cut up old jeans and used scrap fabric and went to work. I'm no quilter but had an idea. 

This super large, super heavy blanket has been used a lot over the years and has many memories tied to it. Looking at it makes my heart happy ❤️. Now I will definitely Wear it Proud 😉‪#‎thrifting‬‪#‎upcycling‬ ‪#‎memories‬ ‪#‎happyheart‬

I had added the jean pockets to hold keys and wallets.
As the years past, different items went into them....
including cell phones :) 

It is very faded now, but I backed it with fleece (it was on sale and we were on a budget)
Made pockets on the back and added straps.
The blanket then became a tote for some of our picnic things.
Pretty handy.
Of course this was before the invention of Thirty One ;) 

Isn't it funny how something so simple as a blanket
can bring up past memories.
Just like old songs.
What do you have that stirs up good memories?  
I would love to hear them :)

So I couldn't leave without sharing the manicure that was inspired by the blanket.
Wear it Proud, Lakeside and a Stylebox Exclusive wrap.

Be sure to check out the other #goforgold charity wraps...
$3.50 from the sale of each one goes towards female Olympic Athletes!

KEEP Collective
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