Monday, July 18, 2016

Funny what will stir up memories from days past...

Funny, when I saw this ‪#‎goforgold‬ wrap called Wear it Proud (oh and $3.50 from the sale of this wrap goes towards female Olympic athletes!) I really wanted it even though I am Canadian and the colours are kind of American
Wasn't sure why but I had to have it. 

Well we bought a new trailer (pics to come 😊) so of course I had to empty out the old one. 
I came across this picnic blanket that I made 20 years ago. I had cut up old jeans and used scrap fabric and went to work. I'm no quilter but had an idea. 

This super large, super heavy blanket has been used a lot over the years and has many memories tied to it. Looking at it makes my heart happy ❤️. Now I will definitely Wear it Proud 😉‪#‎thrifting‬‪#‎upcycling‬ ‪#‎memories‬ ‪#‎happyheart‬

I had added the jean pockets to hold keys and wallets.
As the years past, different items went into them....
including cell phones :) 

It is very faded now, but I backed it with fleece (it was on sale and we were on a budget)
Made pockets on the back and added straps.
The blanket then became a tote for some of our picnic things.
Pretty handy.
Of course this was before the invention of Thirty One ;) 

Isn't it funny how something so simple as a blanket
can bring up past memories.
Just like old songs.
What do you have that stirs up good memories?  
I would love to hear them :)

So I couldn't leave without sharing the manicure that was inspired by the blanket.
Wear it Proud, Lakeside and a Stylebox Exclusive wrap.

Be sure to check out the other #goforgold charity wraps...
$3.50 from the sale of each one goes towards female Olympic Athletes!

KEEP Collective
Stella & Dot

Saturday, July 16, 2016

You might want to save your wine bottles....

Oh my goodness
do you have a girls night planned?
Save your wine and spirit bottles because after seeing this
GORGEOUS hack you will want to do this....!!!

Check it out HERE!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Put away for safe keeping or pull it out?

Yesterday I mentioned that I am in a cleaning/purging/organizing mode.
Actually every summer I do a lot of it just because I have the time to.

I was tackling my storage/crawl space.
We are fortunate to have a lot of storage space.
sometimes that is a detriment.
You just fill it up!

Anyways, I have been slowly purging from it the last few years and it does look better than ever.
But still could use a bit more, so that is what I am doing now.

It is kind of fun because you find things that you have not seen in years.
Some of it junk and needs to be purged.

Some of it though....
...brings back memories.

Such as this cute little guy.
My youngest daughter carried him everywhere by the neck when she was a toddler.
I remember it like it was yesterday...
... not 17 years ago!

He just makes my heart happy,
I thought why have it put away for safe keeping.
Why not tuck some of these little goodies out where I can see them.

So out he comes on display in my newly cleaned laundry room.
It will make doing laundry just a titch better :)

I also found this little sleeper.
My kids have worn it.
Now my grand daughter has worn it.
They outgrow these little sizes all too quickly.
So it has found a nice display spot too.

What about you?
What makes your heart happy?
Can it be put on display rather than stored away somewhere?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Laundry room organization

I am a teacher.
As a teacher I do enjoy my summers :)

One thing I do every summer is do a deep clean/purge/ organize of our house.
It usually begins in my craft room (and once again it did)

Yesterday I tackled my laundry room.
Yes I even pulled out the washer and dryer
so that I could clean under and behind them.
I love the process of cleaning/purging and organizing,
(of course I love it more when it is done)

I purchased that laundry sign years ago and still love it.
That hanger is a recent purchase from a consignment shop, 
I have a passion for thrifting and decorating my house little by little.

You wouldn't believe how heavy that little iron press is!
My Norwex laundry soap looks so much better in a mason jar than in the bag :)

Those rocks and shells have been collected over time by my youngest daughter
(who is now 18).
Many of these I have found in the bottom of the washing machine :)
They make me smile.
The frames are from garage sales and will be painted one day,
for now they are the original colors.

The ETC box was another garage sale find, I just painted it.
It is perfect for the little things I find in the bottom of my washing machine,
- like money (not the bills... they go into my wallet :) ) 
The hooks are heavy metal ones that I attached to some scrap wood pieces 
that I had painted and distressed.  

The laundry room is still a work in progress.
I have a few ideas that I have pinned on Pinterest that I intend to do.
But for now it is freshly cleaned and waiting the next load of laundry.
Which won't be long!

I do love to organize things.
But what I love even more is being able to do it inexpensively.
I like to pick up garage sale/thrift shop items and repurpose them as storage.
But I came across this and love how the cubes have been used!

I just may have to go buy some of these cubes!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Are you unstoppable?

I saw a story about Clint Eastwood the other day.
First of all, I was in shock that he was 87! Wow!
Then I was intrigued at how hard he worked to become who he is.

Made me think about my Jamberry business,
or any part of my life....

Must always remember this.
True Story :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Repurposing some stickers...

I am a crafter.
Well I was a crafter, I haven't been doing much of it lately.

I have crafted most of my life.
Growing up my mom taught me many crafts
and I crafted with my kids.

The one type of crafting that I had the most passion for
 and did the longest was paper crafting.

You can see my blog here -
although it has been quiet for awhile,
I do have a lot of crafting projects there :)

Nothing more satisfying than taking a piece of paper
and creating endless projects.

From card making,

to scrapbooking,

to altered art.

I love it all.

I was VERY blessed in the crafting industry
and will be eternally grateful
for what I was able to do and the opportunities I had.

Things have changed.
My passions have changed.
And although I still do love my paper crafting,
I just don't seem to have the time to create as often as I used to.

Doesn't mean I will get rid of everything
as every once in awhile I get a bit of mojo to do a layout or a card.

In the meantime,
I decided to combine my Jamberry with my crafts....

I used one of my SRM Stickers as an accent on one of my nails.
Yep I did!

I just trimmed the sticker,
applied it over the wrap and then sealed it in
with my TruShine Gel Top Coat.

LOVE it!
Will definitely be adding more text to my manis!

Products Used:

Dream Come True
Denim Chic
TruShine Gel Enamel Top Coat

Other Products:
Paper: My Mind's Eye
Sticker: SRM Stickers
Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

Summer travel...

Summer time

Yes it is summer time.
What do you do for fun in the summer?
Are you a lazy days of summer person?

Or are you a go getter and want to see and do as much as you can?

(Hole in the Wall, Port Alberni BC)

Either way...
I'm curious how would you rather get there?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Here is a good one.
How many of you watched her regularly?
How many of you dreamed of being her?

Oh the memories.
Childhood was so different back then.
Who can say?
Definitely different.
I enjoyed my childhood just the way it was.

Now did you know that Jamberry has a new set of licensed wraps?

Just introduced recently is the

This is just the beginning!
Can't wait to see more!

Be sure to check out my website to see the many amazing things we have to offer!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Is it just me...

Please tell me I am not the only one.

I love my Jamberry Wraps.
I love jewelry, especially KEEP Collective.

But please tell me I'm not the only one
who will go shopping for new clothes to coordinate with
nail wraps and jewelry?!
I find myself always looking.

And yesterday I was successful :)

Now to head over to my Nail Art Studio to
design a nail wrap to coordinate!

Please tell me you do things like this too :)