Wednesday, January 13, 2016

One way to incorporate the nutritious avocado into your diet

I have a nutrition background so I know that avocados are good for you.

 I really do.

Trouble is, I am not a fan of them.  

So yes I do know that avocados should be part of my regular diet.  

Well let me share the recipe I tried and actually liked - I may even add more avocados next time :) When I cook, I like to incorporate as many healthy things as I can - especially veggies... they are not something I readily reach for when snacking so I try to sneak them in whenever possible.

For this recipe, I have mixed refried beans, spinach, pepper, avocado and chicken breast for a power packed meal.  Even better is that when cooled I wrap each section up and store in an air tight container in freezer - perfect for a quick snack or lunch!

For the complete recipe, click on the photo.

If you have any avocado recipes I would love to see them!

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