Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas.  I love Santa and what he portrays.  I have been collecting my Christmas items slowly, year by year, adding a piece or two.  Today I am going to share some of my favourite pieces… I don't have everything out since we have a 15 month old grand daughter who gets into everything.

A new piece this year is the sweater pillow… I took a thrift store sweater and pillow form and created it.  Cost less than $10 and I got some leg warmers too :)  The Santa pillow I found last year.

More new things… the vintage santa mugs.  Love them!  Great addition to my tea bar.

Next up some of my favourite hand made items.  I created this with my oldest daughter when she was 2.  She now has a baby of her own :)

I always crafted with my kids and snowmen were easy for them to paint so we have a lot of snowman items that they created over the years.

I also like to paint and I painted some of the items as well.

My favourite of my painted pieces… love this chair.

I have 2 of these little guys, both of which have seen better days :)  About 15 years old… I treasure them.

Scraps of wood are never safe, I created the joy piece from just that.

I created the believe sign from a scrap of wood.  That 'typewriter' a find last year.  

This little guy was my husband's grandmother's.  Makes me think of her when I see it.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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