Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chocolate Zucchini Loaf with a Twist

Counting calories can make it difficult to eat enough of some essential foods and nutrients.  That is why I try to make every bite count.  I always alter recipes so that I am getting more 'bang for my buck' and this Chocolate Zucchini Recipe is an example of how I do that.

As a child I loved when my mom baked, and like any child... if it was chocolate I liked it even more. One of my favorites was my mom's chocolate zucchini loaf recipe.

In keeping with my nutrition background I knew, as an adult I had to alter it.  I did and today I altered it even more!  I used to cut down the butter or margarine and add applesauce, now I substituted the margarine for coconut oil and greek yogurt.  I have also added hemp hearts and chia seed to help up the protein factor and finally added some ground flax.

It is yummy and even my hubby, who doesn't usually eat baked goods, took 3 pieces (probably fooled him with the chocolate ;)  )  I also snuck in a bit of Matcha.

For the recipe click on the photo below

If you would like to purchase the Matcha or the Dark Chocolate Sugar Shaker just contact me and I can set you up with some :)

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