Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This is My Life

Home decor has always been something that was of interest to me.  I like my house to look good and ideally I would love my house to look like it was out of a magazine.  Honestly though you are more likely to find magazines laying around :)

I don't mind somewhat of a lived in look, I do like a few scratches and imperfections as they usually mean something has happened, some memory has been made.  That is ok, overall on a clean day my house looks good enough for me (and don't get me wrong - many days I look around and wonder where to begin!)

When I saw this gorgeous photo on the Dear Lillie Blog (which by the way is one of my favorite blogs to follow) I had a bit of a chuckle...

I love the gray walls, white trim, white furniture, pillows and throws.  

Yep, it is kind of me and then I saw the horse... and I chuckled... hey we have a horse.  So I did a mock staging.  You will see I have some throws (carefully placed where the cats often lay), a pillow that is not quite in the photo....and a horse :) This horse is our life right now.  Our grand daughter is here often and we need ways to keep her busy - one day we will be able to pull the beautiful hand made one that my dad crafted for my kids - but it is much larger and too big for right now.

Oh and note the crate on the floor - I am trying to find a place to put it... but it was something I had to buy - do you know why? 

So here they are together... pretty close don't you think :)