Sunday, August 9, 2015

Laurel what is that drink you have...

I get asked a lot about the drink I have in the mornings.  Well here goes...

 I have arthritis.  It started in my knee, then knees and now one of my hips.  Living with pain at times is tiring in itself but when that pain keeps you awake at night and sometimes has you almost in tears during the day - well that can be exhausting.

I have never been one to take medications but some days, and it was getting to be a regular occurrence, I had to take one or two anti-inflammatory meds.

 I saw something one day about lemon water in the mornings to help with inflammation, detox and what not. Well… I figured it couldn't hurt so why not.

Of course.. the weight loss would be nice to.  So I began my morning ritual of warm lemon water (and I have never been a fan of lemonade so this was tough)

I started hearing more and more about natural things to help with inflammation and so my warm lemon water became - warm lemon, honey and cinnamon water.  The honey was a nice touch so I actually was starting to enjoy this - however I must admit - not having my Earl Grey Tea first thing I do miss.

Well I was well on my way to natural healing and my new morning routine when some more things caught my interest.  

Tumeric and Ginger.  Just the smell of Tumeric made me feel ill so I wasn't keen on it but if it took the pain away, it would be worth it. 

Now let it be known that I DON'T need ginger for ANYTHING related to morning sickness! :)

So there you have it.  The why of my new morning routine.  I have this as soon as I get up in the mornings, wait about 45 minutes before having tea or my breakfast.  What is the result?

I started this January 2015 and it is not August 2015 - I have NOT had any anti-inflammatory meds, my arthritis is very low grade, I still stiffen up with long periods of sitting and such but it no longer throbs!  I feel much better taking this than any over the counter drug.  The turmeric does come in a pill so I do take a turmeric pill as I just can't add a whole lot into my drink without it making me feel awful.

Here is my recipe:

1 cup warm water
1 fresh squeezed lemon
1/2 TBSP pure honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp tumeric
ETA:  1TBSP apple cider vinegar
1/2 TBSP coconut oil
1/8 tsp fresh ground pepper or drop essential oil

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach

If you try this, please let me know about the results you have.  I hope it makes you feel as good as I do.  I am ready to get out running again!

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