Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting Organized the Thirty One Way

When you hear the word organize what do you think?  Are you one who shudders at the word or  are like me  and love to organize things?

Yep I am an organizer, list maker, planner….

I am also thrifty so I try to do all of the above without spending too much money - that is the up cycler in me :)

However, having said that I am so happy I have discovered Thirty One!  You know how much I love my Direct Sales Companies.  Always have, always will.

When it comes to being organized, there is something about everything being 'matchy matchy' that need.  Perhaps it is a bit OCD but I like to have need everything coordinating.

I loved the size of the Deluxe Utility Totes and ordered one to help me organize my Jamberry Presentation stuff (everything I get for Jamberry has to have some sort of purple/plum colour to it ;) )  And yes it works… however it is big. and just 'throwing my stuff' in there bothered stressed me out so I decided to go all out and have everything I need to be coordinated, organized and all ready for my Fall Parties!

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So guess what I did?   I hosted a couple of parties and got many of them for free or discounted!

You have no idea (well if you are like me… you will 'get it') how good it makes me feel to have this all done.  Notice I even spray painted some Dollar Store clipboards (a primer, couple coats of purple and then finished off with a metallic purple).  Those purple duo tangs (also have pockets inside) are my hostess packets (I make sure to have them ready and take them with me to parties).

Here are my hostess packets.  I put a clip on the top so that the items inside don't fall out :) …not that I have learned this from experience...

What do I have for my Jamberry Parties - believe me I have done direct sales before and only having to carry in 2 bags is awesome!!! Jamberry is so quick and easy to set up for.  Here goes:

2 Deluxe Utility Totes
6 Fold'N'Files'
3 Little Carry Alls

One of the Totes is my Presentation Bag - everything I need for my presentation - clipboards, samples, lottery tickets, wish lists, tent cards, prizes, hostess gifts…

The other Tote is my Display Bag - everything I need for my display table, sampling centre and closing - tablecloth, order forms, bundle booklets, hostess packets, recruiting information, etc…

Now it doesn't stop there…

I also offer Catalogue Parties.  Of course Thirty One has me covered there too :)  I love how the Timeless Beauty Bag holds everything I need for my customers to take to work, daughter's dance, soccer etc… host a catalogue party and earn free and discounted Jamberry!

I do know a few Thirty One Reps so if you are interested I can surely recommend on in your area :)

What about you?  Do you like to be organized?  What does organized mean to you?  Do you use Thirty One?  I would love to hear.


  1. So happy to have helped you Laurel! I found Thirty-One when trying to organize my Barefoot Books business and love the products so much I just had to share with my direct sales friends!

  2. What a great article about how you are using Thirty-One to organize your Jamberry products, Laurel!