Wednesday, July 8, 2015

it all began with pretty nails

Hi and welcome to BeYoutiful You.  What is this blog going to be about? Well to state it simply - about how to be happy with yourself and feel beautiful.  Beauty takes on many forms beginning on the inside.  Taking care of yourself first, being healthy and making good choices are the beginning of beauty.  When you feel good, feel happy you will look good and look happy.  For me it all started again with pretty nails.

I have a degree in Dietetics and have always said, we have to nourish ourselves from the inside so that we don't need a lot of 'stuff' on the outside - beauty creams, medicines, cover ups...

Well guess what.  I need to practice what I preach as well.  I did let myself go - not intentionally but I did.  We had some family issues and I went into depression.  Not a great place to be and I feel for those of you fighting invisible diseases.  I pretty much had no motivation to anything that I used to do.

Just over a year ago I became a Jamberry consultant. On a whim... I never cared about pretty nails - mine were short and ugly.  I had never tried Jamberry but went for it.  I was not going to do parties I only wanted stuff for me.  However, when I got them I was amazed and had to share them.  Not only were my nails pretty, my confidence and motivation slowly started coming back.

Here I am a year later, I made some big changes in my eating and nourishing my body.  I feel great!  Almost off depression meds!  My skin looks and feels healthier and my hair is so soft.  Yes I want to lose the weight I gained but I feel amazing and hope to share some of my tidbits with you.  No magic pill or diet... just healthy choices.

Imagine - it all began with pretty nails.